SharePoint Spaces – Blog Series 2

Let’s look at “Creation of SharePoint Space”

If you are new and want to know how to activate that for your site collection in SharePoint Online, look at my detailed blog, SharePoint Spaces – Blog Series 1

Follow these steps to Create a SharePoint Space: –

  1. Go to your Site home page, and click on “+New”, you will see, Spaces (Preview) enabled for your site collection.

2. Give your Space a name and some useful description.

3. Select the type of Space you will like to leverage by selecting structure from some predefined set of structures like Gallery, Amphitheatre, Terrace and many more. You can change the structure later, we will see that at the later part of the blog post,
For Demo purpose, I have used, Virtual Tour as a space name and selected Gallery from structure property as shown in the below image,

4. After you click on Create, your Space will look something like this, Left click and move your mouse to feel the 3D experience of the space created.

5. Now let’s explore Space design, click on the ‘Space design’ on the left side of the page, you will see a property panel open like in the image,

6. As you can see in the property panel, you can make changes to your Space Name, Description also you can change the Structure and select new one according to your use-case.

7. Scroll down the property panel and select the background for your space.

8. You will see a dropdown wherein you can select background as Image, Illustration, Color or Custom 360 degree file where you can upload file from Site, link, local file or OneDrive.

9. Scroll down and you will see a option to add Welcome Message, you can select none or upload a welcome message Audio file, let’s keep none for of now.

10. You can also choose an Ambient sound to play in the background, whenever someone visits your created space. Choose from the options as shown in the image.

11. Now close the property panel and check your modified Space.

I hope you learnt, how to create a SharePoint Space and change the properties at go.

Stay tuned, for the next SharePoint Spaces – Blog Series 3 to learn on how to add webparts to your Space and explore the OOTB webparts available for Space.

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