SharePoint Spaces – Blog Series 1

Lets take a deep dive into detailed blog about SharePoint Spaces, How you can activate this for your tenant and many more things,

What is SharePoint Spaces?

Microsoft defines SharePoint Spaces as, “SharePoint spaces is a web-based, immersive platform, which allows you to create and share, secure and extensible mixed reality experiences.”

In simple terms, SharePoint Space is a Space built on an existing site wherein you can add webparts like, 3D Images, 360 degree videos, 360 degree Images, 3D objects to give user a 3D immersive experience and many more OOTB webparts.

Note: (It is recommended to use Communication site, but you can add in Team site as well)

First things first; How to Enable/Activate SharePoint Spaces for your tenant :

To Enable SharePoint Spaces, follow these steps;

  1. Choose any of the existing communication site or create a new communication site if you don’t have one,
  • Select Site Information -> Site Settings -> Site Actions, Select Manage site Features
  • In Manage site features, look for Spaces (Preview) option and click on Activate to enable Spaces for your site.
  • Now, go to your home page, and click on “+New”, you will see, Spaces (Preview) enabled for your site collection and ready to create a new Space experience.

I hope you all the SharePoint enthusiast would now know, What is SharePoint Spaces and How to activate this for your site collection.

Stay tuned, for Blog Series 2 on Creating a SharePoint Space with all the OOTB webparts and how you can leverage this functionality for various uses-cases.


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